Sam Stephens
Sam's solo appearances/ reviews
.CD - Hums Ancient and Modern
CD -Hums Ancient and Modern
Paddington's band reforms for Ralph Jordan tribute at Sidmouth festival


Sam - discography

'Hums Ancient and Modern'
 Gren Morris and Sam Stephens SAM 0011.
'The Love You Leave Behind'
one track), 
Sid Long's memorial concert CD SAM 0010.
'Rough Mix' 
(one track with Gren) by Gren Morris, Persistent Hum Records PHRC1.
'The Pretty Ploughboy' 
Sam Stephens & Anne LennoxMartin, Dingles Records DIN 307.
'Don't Dilly Dally' 
Sam Stephens & Anne LennoxMartin, 
Dingles Records SID 229. 
'Turn the Music On'
Sam Stephens and Anne Lennox Martin, 
Dingles Records DIN 328

Sam - musical biog

 *With former nationally known  duo,
Sam Stephens & Anne Lennox-Martin*
(see discography). Together for over a decade,  billed at clubs across the UK and major festivals inc

* 10 years in the band behind
Paddington's Pandemonic Express*
The women's molly side led by Kerry Fletcher and Su Evans Turner. The band included Dan Quinn, Ralph Jordan, Trevor Bennet, Nige Carter and Alex West.

 * 10 years with Midlands based duo,
 Gren Morris and Sam Stephens*,
appearing at venues in the region  including:
Bedworth Festival, Alcester Festival, Ashbourne Arts Festival, The Musician, Leicester, The Phoenix, Leicester, 
The Maze, Nottingham,  Derby Gaol club, Tigerfolk club, Derbyshire, The Carrington, Nottingham.

Gren's discography

'Hums Ancient and Modern'
 SAM 0011full length CD.
'The Love You Leave Behind',
Sid Long's memorial concert CD SAM 0010
 (individual track).
'Rough Mix' 
by Gren Morris, Persistent Hum Records PHRC1
full length CD
'From the Wood' 
by Sherwood Rise
Dingles Records DIN 321 full length vinyl LP

Gren's biog
Too much to mention, lots I don't even know but notably, on melodeon, leader of one of the  Midlands leading ceidlih bands, 'Earthreel' . 

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